What's expected of mentors

Who are mentors?

Design Club mentors usually work in design, service design or some kind of digital product development or engagement role. Some of our mentors are teachers.

Useful experience

Ideally, you'll have had direct experience of using design processes, and be passionate about inspiring others to use them, too. Many of our mentors are also parents, but that's by no means essential.

Most of all, we hope you're excited (and probably a little bit challenged) by the idea of delivering your very own Design Club - and prepared to have some fun!

Leading an after school club

When leading a club, you'll be expected to:

  • Commit to running an after school club for 10 weeks (1 term)

  • Commit to an hour of delivery and up to an hour of prep once a week

  • Arrange a DBS check (see how to get a DBS check)

  • Deliver Design Club using projects in our Resource Hub

Sharing your experiences

We would also love it if you share your experience with the wider Design Club community - but only if that's something you'd like to do.

You can swap tips with other mentors in our Slack workspace, or talk about your club in our Meet The Mentor blog series.

If you'd like an invite to either of these, please email us.

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