How to run a Design Club session

Leading a session

The Design Club mentor leads each session alongside a member of staff or another parent. To support delivery of each session, we provide links to:

  1. Delivery guide – gives mentors an overview of activities and stages, and things to do and say

  2. Slides – to show the children each stage and activity

  3. Workbooks – for children to work through and complete

  4. Handouts – to inspire and give context (themed projects only)

Delivering projects

Projects are made up of five stages. The children ideally work in groups of two or three. If a child is clearly more comfortable working on their own, that's also fine.

Session structure

We recommend a session is broken down into three parts:

  1. Warm-up game (5-10 mins)

  2. Work through activities in a project (40-45 mins)

  3. Show and tell or wrap up (5-10 mins)

Most activities require the children to fill in a worksheet or create something. It’s best to explain the steps in an activity first, using the presentations, then hand out materials for the children to work through. If the children are using a workbook, encourage them to hold back from filling in worksheets until you’ve run through the activity.

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