How to plan your Design Club

Before you start your club

You should have already gone through our checklist for starting an after school Design Club.

Some things to note:

  • We recommend having up to 12 children in a group

  • Two adults should be present (a mentor plus a member of staff at the school)

  • If a friend or colleague wants to help, that’s also fine

  • Sessions are delivered in a classroom at the school

Getting a register

Ensure the school gives you a confirmed list of the children who have signed up to your club. This will be the register for you to check at the start of each session.

Planning for a term

A term typically lasts 10-12 weeks. It can vary, depending on the school.

We have a range of projects in the Resource Hub. You can see roughly how long each project should take. You should be able to complete a kick off project and at least one longer project in a term.

Guide times are only approximate and every group of children is different. Once you start working with your group, you'll get an idea of the timing that's right for them. 9 year-olds are likely to need more support - and more time to explain things - than 12 or 13 year-olds.

Design Club projects & certificates

Projects are themed. When children complete projects, hand out certificates to reward them.

Currently, all our projects are focused on mobile app design. We plan to develop projects for other media too. For example, to design a poster, or to design a space.

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