What to expect from a school

When you chat with your contact

Let your contact at the school know what you need in order to run a Design Club. If you like, print out our school meeting notes (one page) to help structure the conversation .

What you'll need to discuss

    The year group
    The number of children in the club
    A day and time the club will run
    Start and end date for the club
    Assistant support (either a teacher, teaching assistant or suitable parent)
    Equipment (projector, ideally WiFi, and access to a printer)
    Whether or not you can bring in guest support (if applicable, check the process)
    Main point of contact at school
    Enhanced DBS check (mention if you have one, need one, or are getting one)
    Promoting the club (check when and how this happens)
Don't forget to ask your contact what the school expects of you, too.
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