What to expect from a school

When you chat with your contact

Let your contact at the school know what you need in order to run a Design Club. Use this one-pager with notes and a checklist to help structure the conversation .

What you'll need to discuss

  • The year group

  • The number of children in the club

  • A day and time the club will run

  • Start and end date for the club

  • Assistant support (either a teacher, teaching assistant or suitable parent)

  • Equipment (projector, ideally WiFi, and access to a printer)

  • Bringing in guest support (if applicable, check the process)

  • Main point of contact at school

  • Enhanced DBS check (mention if you have one, need one, or are getting one)

  • Promoting clubs (check when and how this happens)

Don't forget to ask your contact what the school expects of you, too.